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Former Panthers Head Coach Matt Rhule is suing his former team over contract dispute

Former Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rhule is close to landing the Nebraska Head Coaching Job
Former Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rhule is suing the Panthers over contract dispute.

Matt Rhule claims the Carolina Panthers are still refusing to pay his severance pay after he was fired by the team and later hired by Nebraska.

According to CBS Sports Jonathan Jones, the lawsuit was filed on January 25th, and Rhule seeks to receive the offset money he claims is due to him from the team.

The suite doesn’t allege how much money Rhule is seeking, but contract terms indicate there’s roughly 5 million dollars in dispute.

Employment attorney John Singer filed the lawsuit to the league office. This will likely go to arbitration, and the NFL can appoint an arbitrator to hear the dispute.

If Rhule has it coming, he deserves his money. The Panthers signed him to the contract.


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