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Is it concerning that the Cardinals asked Kyler Murray to watch at least four hours of film a week?

Yesterday, an article came out from ESPN claiming that Kyler Murray was self-centered, immature, and a person who points fingers.
Should the Arizona Cardinals have to put in their contract that they want Kyler Murray to put in at least four hours a week of studying film? Was he not watching the film?

Should an NFL quarterback need a clause in their contract to watch game film? I remember people crushing Jamarcus Russell because he reportedly didn’t watch much film, but he didn’t have to have it written in his contract though.

This week the Cardinals put a clause in Kyler Murray’s contract saying he has to watch at least 4 hours of game film a week. I am shocked by that, and was surprised when Pat McAfee began talking about how much film Peyton Manning watched on his podcast.

“I remember getting into a [conversation] with him like, ‘How much you watch?’ He dove into it. ‘Gotta watch every game the other team has played; every snap they played; every practice clip from your week of practice; every game you guys have played that plays against a similar defense that they’re playing; every single third-down situation broke up into there; red zone; every first down operation.’ I think he went threw it all and he was like ‘probably 20 hours of film a week?’ He said he couldn’t even put a number on it,” McAfee recalled.

While Kyler Murray has been a Pro Bowler, does it worry you a little bit that you are writing something in his contract you would expect him to do? I mean, it makes you wonder if he wasn’t putting in the four hours before.

For the amount of money he just landed he better be studying like Peyton Manning. I mean he is getting paid more than Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes right now. He better be electrifying this year.

What do you think?


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