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2023 NFL Draft Prospect Interview: Zach Hester, Edge, Colorado School of Mines

Zach Hester, Edge, Colorado School of Mines
Zach Hester, the standout edge rusher from Colorado School of Mines recently sat down with NFL Draft Diamonds writer Justin Berendzen.
  • Name: Zach Hester
  • Position: Edge
  • College: Colorado School of Mines
  • Height: 6’3″
  • Weight: 235 lbs
  • Twitter: @zachhester24
  • Instagram: @zach_hester91

What are your favorite moments from your football life?

My favorite moments from my football life came from last season. Being around all of my teammates last season and taking Mines further than it has ever been was something really special and I also enjoyed growing closer bonds with all of my teammates as we made the run, especially the guys in the defensive line room.

How do you prepare for games?

I usually start the week off with a light film study before the scouting report is sent out. I really only try to see what the tackles like to do so I have an idea of what I want to work on in practice during the week and talk to the defensive line coach, Tripp Thomas, about what pass rush moves I think would work. Then during practice I work on the drills and try to work on everything we talked about.

If you could hang out with any football player past or present for a day who and why?

Derrick Thomas because I think he is the best pass rusher that ever played and I feel I could learn so much from him as far as the game goes.

What sets you apart from other edge rushers?

I think my knowledge of the game sets me apart. I feel I have a lot similar athletic traits I have good speed and strength for my size but I feel like I think differently than other edge rushers.

What is your favorite defensive scheme and why?

I like 3-4 man defense. I love man coverage as a pass rusher because I feel like the quarterback can’t just get the ball out of his hands so fast. I also feel it helps stop the run and I think stopping the run is going to help you win a lot more games.

What made you decide you wanted to be a football player?

When I was 5 years old I came upstairs and started watching a playoff game. Right when I got upstairs Champ Bailey had picked off Tom Brady in the end zone and took it all the way to the other one yard line. Since that day I have just always thought that was the coolest thing and that I want to do something like that for someone. I want to make the plays that make people appreciate the game and want to play it for as long as they can.

What should we know about Zach Hester the person?

My high school football coach always told me to leave things better than you found it and that always made a lot of sense to me. So as a person I always try to leave people in a better mood after meeting me or clean up places that I can see are not left properly. Just all around I try to be the happiest best person you could run into.

What type of energy do you bring onto the football field?

I’m usually pretty calm, cool, and collected. When I make a play I’m going to let you know about it though, but I try to always let my actions speak louder than my words on the field.

How do you handle challenges both in life and on the football field?

Every challenge is different, but I try to face all challenges head on. Usually trying to analyze the problem, make a plan and try to follow the plan.

What would a team get in a player like you?

A team would get a winner with a great work ethic and competitive spirit. My whole life I have taken a lot of pride in my work ethic and I have always won games. Almost every team I have been on has improved there record or gone further in the playoffs than they ever have.

Who is the most underrated player you’ve played with and why?

Jack McAdams, our starting nose guard last year. I think he didn’t get as much recognition because he did his job every time and he didn’t get to make as many plays as he wanted to but he set everyone else up for success and that lead the team to have a lot of success.

What are you looking forward to in your upcoming season?

I’m looking forward to the opportunity we have as a team to show that last year wasn’t just a fluke year. I’m excited for the journey we are going to take as a team this year we have a stronger schedule then we have had in the past our first two teams we play made the playoffs last year. I think we have a lot we can show and we have a great team so I’m looking forward to the opportunity we are being presented to show we are one of the nations best teams.

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