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USFL: What You Need to Know About the New Professional Football League

USFL Overtime Shootout
USFL is having a major comeback

The United States Football League is the most significant event in sports. Following the short but massive popularity of the AAF, it is returning after 40 years. The XFL and AAF didn’t get the expected results. However, the USFL seems to be quite promising. The broadcast partners and solid financial background are one of the factors that confirm this statement. Sites like also started sharing news about significant events. 

In this post, we share essential information about the professional football league. Once you go through it, you will be familiar with the basics.

USFL is having a major comeback

In case you didn’t know, the USFL existed before. The original one started back in 1983 and only lived for three seasons until 1985. It is important to note that the league gathered some impressive talents in the football industry. That wasn’t why the league finished with three Heisman winners. On the other hand, it is essential to note that many football players started their careers at the USF and later grew into successful players. Jim Kelly and Reggie White began their career in the league and evolved into today’s players.

On the other hand, the USFL has seen some big names in coachings, such as George Allen and Marv Levy. However, it is essential to note that the current league and the past aren’t the same. While they have the same name, they aren’t under the same establishment. The new entity bought the trademarks so that you will see the same name and graphics.


When it comes to rules, the USFL made some changes. The main goal was to bring this event’s entertaining side and boost the scoring possibilities. In addition, the new set of rules will improve the game flow and safety. Football enthusiasts will be so happy to find out that the league will include onside kicks, extra points, and two forward passes. The season lasts for ten weeks, and this year it will end on July 3rd.

Who owns USFL

FOX Sports is the owner of the USFL, together with co-founder Brian Woods. In addition, FOX Sports is the partner broadcaster and has financed this sports event. Woods is known for his history of participating in leagues and being a Fall Experimental Football League founder. However, he didn’t stop there. Later, Brian founded The Spring League. 


The new USFL will consist of eight teams, which carry the same names as the old league. The coaches are already familiar to football fans. The matches will take place in Birmingham, Alabama. The hosting stadiums will be the Protective Stadium and Legion Field. 


When it comes to players, there are many talents included in the league. The draft happened in February, being complex enough with 35 rounds. The initial pool of players was about 500, and they all had signed contracts with the league. Each team has 38 active players and seven practice players. However, there was an additional round in March. At that time, they picked 80 more players to form the teams. 

For now, the earnings per player are still a mystery. The USFL didn’t disclose this type of information. However, it is known that the compensation will consist of a fan base salary and bonus for showing excellent performance. 

The football players and staff members will enjoy a wide range of benefits as well. They can join the college degree program, which offers the chance to take classes without a debtor having to pay for tuition. 

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