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Are NFL owners pissed at the Cleveland Browns owners? They are not happy with the Browns trading for and paying Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson was given a fully guaranteed contract, and that has the NFL owners pissed off. Or is it because Watson had allegations on him?

The NFL is an interesting company. They have blackballed players from never playing again and it starts with the owners. They shut down Ray Rice after he was charged with uppercutting his wife in an elevator. They have allowed players who have constantly been in trouble come back, and do not blink at an eye at it. Colin Kaepernick however sued the NFL for blackballing him and won. He is still not in the league, but dreams of playing again. It is funny because many say that the NFL owners have the right to hire who they want, but they are obviously pretty tight because the Browns owners Dee and Jimmy Haslam are not the hottest people at the NFL owners meeting.

According to Peter King of NBC Sports column on Monday, Browns owners Jimmy and Dee Haslam were “not the most popular people” at the league meetings over the weekend. One NFL team executive said trading six draft picks for Watson and then giving him an $80 million raise — all guaranteed — is a move that “stinks to high heaven” for the league.

The Browns gave Watson a five year deal worth 230 million and it is fully guaranteed. If you remember correctly the NFL’s management council urged teams to avoid guaranteeing so much money into future contracts, because it opens up a can of worms moving forward.

Well, now star players are going to want fully guaranteed deals, and if you think that is the only reason it bothers them you are crazy. The Browns owners pissed off the NFL owners because they gave a man with 22 civil cases and still several other criminal cases open on him a huge pay day. While Watson has not been charged for any of the accusations, the Browns gave up the farm to get him and then paid him extremely well.

The owners definitely changed the quarterback market moving forward, so it will get interesting for sure. Do you think the owners are mad that the Browns gave him all that money or that they gave him a second chance? I bet there are some that wish he was not in the league at all…..

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