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Patrick Mahomes fiancé is not happy that CBS Sports played slow motion replays of her man getting hurt, Do you agree?

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Is Patrick Mahomes’ girlfriend right? Do you think the NFL should stop the slow motion replays of a player getting hurt?

I have to admit I am a huge football fan, and I understand why some people do not want to see a hard hit, but may football fans tune in to see a player get rocked. Well, yesterday, Patrick Mahomes was crushed by Jeffery Simmons knee which was pretty rough. He looked to be out cold, and CBS did in fact play the replay several times.

Travis Kelce’s ex girlfriend posted this tweet and it was retweeted by Mahomes girlfriend Brittany Matthews.

She does have a pretty valid complaint, but I wanted to know how you feel. I think the replays are ok if they are trying to show how damaging the hit was or to see if it was an illegal hit. I understand how if it was your child, loved one or friend that was being hurt, you may not want to see a replay. So I wanted to ask my followers, do you think games should continue to show slow motion hits on players if they are hurt?


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