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Saints have six coaches and a nutritionist enter COVID-19 protocol all are fully vaccinated

The Saints, said earlier this year their entire staff and most of their players have been vaccinated.

“We’re going to be well over 90%, which is really good for us, for anybody really,” says general manager Mickey Loomis.

Well, COVID-19 is striking the red-hot Saints. According to’s Adam Schefter, a total of eight people have tested positive for COVID. Six offensive coaches, a player, and a nutritionist will enter the COVID protocol.

It could get worse come Wednesday. Because the NFL does not rest vaccinated staff like they test the unvaccinated.

None of the vaccinated players or staff who test positive can return until generating negative tests at least 24 hours apart.

Unvaccinated players however are tested daily, and a positive test results in a minimum absence of 10 days.

The NFLPA has been wanting daily testing of vaccinated staff but they have not been heard. Maybe this will make them listen?


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