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Tim Tebow Glory of God
Tim Tebow is back in the NFL, and he has never stopped believe in Jesus Christ.

His dad, Bob Tebow got down on his knees and wept, and said “Lord, if you give us a son, we will raise him to be a preacher.”

That is what Tim Tebow’s dad prayed during a very difficult pregnancy – to the point a doctor even told his wife Pam she should have an abortion because of the health risk. They refused to take the doctor’s advice and God answered their prayer – and He continues to

The proverbial deck remained stacked against him during high school (while being home-schooled) and the masses said he was not a quarterback. Tebow responded by winning a state championship as a quarterback. He went to the Florida Gators and the masses continued to say he was not a quarterback. Tebow responded by winning a national championship as a quarterback. The time came for the NFL Draft and the masses emphatically said he was not a quarterback. Tebow responded by becoming a first round draft choice of the Denver Broncos and he did the improbable, taking over a 1-3 team and leading them to the playoffs and a playoff victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers – as a quarterback. 

However, from the time the ink dried on the Denver newspaper the morning after the game, they continued to say …he was not a quarterback. 

They were right. He is the preacher his dad prayed for, a preacher who continues to preach the Glory of God because everything Tebow does, correction, everything God does through Tebow continues to defy all human logic – just like all those written about in the Bible from cover to cover. 

Tebow spent time a season with the Jets, which is the team Denver traded him to, but he was never given a real chance. Tebow then spent time with the Patriots and the Eagles, but was cut after the success he showed in those respective pre-seasons. The thing that stuck me the most through this time is Tebow never lashed out. He never complained or said how unfair it is. I mean how many teams in NFL history have traded a young playoff winning quarterback? 

The crowd continued to beat on that old worn out drum that he was not a quarterback to the point he was out of the league. Next thing, we knew he was playing baseball with the New York Mets.

Tebow playing with the Mets was even more impossible than him playing quarterback in high school, college or the NFL, because by this time Tebow had not picked up a baseball glove or a bat in years. Perfect, all for the Glory of God. After all, the more impossible something is perceived to be, the more God shines through whatever the situation. How many people on the face of the planet could wake up one morning and decide to go play for the New York Mets and actually be able to do it? 

While Tebow never got called up to the majors, he did end up playing in the Mets’ system for a few years before something even more impossible just happened. Tebow got signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars after being out of the league for six years. How many times have you ever heard of a football player being able to do that?


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