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If you are an athlete, and you ache, you need an EXOGUN! | Exogun DreamPro Scouting Report and Product Review

Exogun Draft Diamonds
NFL Draft Diamonds recently teamed up with Exogun, and let me tell you it works great. Is it worthy of first pick? Find out below.

In September, 1999, I suffered a broken back as well as four herniated discs in my lower lumbar. I have not played sports in years, and now my body is aching daily. I have back pain, and my legs are always hurting. I had been doing well with my previous back injury. I had not had any pain and felt as close to 100 percent as I did in 1999.

Well, that all changed on January 25th, 2021. I was driving home from work when I was T-boned by another driver. I re-injured my back and have been going to the chiropractor and specialist since. I have had to undergo cortisone shots and my back is banged up and re-injured.

I was contracted by Exogun and I am so glad Alex reached out to me. The Exogun came to my house last week and I have been using it every day. Let me do a little review on it, because I feel if you are an athlete this is a must have.

I am going to break it down like a scouting report. I mean, we are a draft website, so should the Exogun be selected first overall? Let’s find out!


  • When I received the Exogun I immediately charged it to make sure it was at 100 percent when I turned it on. When I opened the black case, there it was. It was a jewel. A nice shaped massage pistol with a thick grip and a pretty cool display on it. After unplugging it and it was fully charged, the Exogun could easily be transported. The Exogun is very simple to move from place to place. You can take it to work, you can carry it in the case and the charge stands. I unplugged it at night and there was 88 percent. When I turned it on the next day it was still at 88 percent. That is a massage gun with great mobility and endurance. Overall, I was impressed.

Mobility Grade – 5/5


  • Does the Exogun look like a top massage gun? You are damn right it does. The Exogun looks like a pistol. The grip has a rubber grip so you cannot drop it. It is at an angle which makes it easier to hold. To turn it on, it has one button. You cannot mess it up. You hit the button 1 time and it turns to 1, if you hit it six times it is at the max speed. The back of the gun has a display area. You can see the battery life as well as the setting you are on. Overall, the display is very simple to understand and utilize.

Display Grade – 5/5


  • Can the Exogun withstand constant use? Well, my boys at work sure believe it can handle the duties. I took the Exogun to work and used it as a show and tell. I allowed the guys in my department to try it out. One of the guys dropped the Exogun, and nothing happened. We do not recommend you to drop it, but it happened and it did not break so I figured I would add Durability!

Durability Grade – 5/5


  • Man, does the Exogun hit the spot. There are so many areas on my body that ache, and the ability to hit deep tissue is amazing. Level six is no joke. When you have pain and want immediate relief, I would use the ball connector. The Exogun comes with four different heads and the ball head to me was the best. It has the ability to hit spots that a simple massage therapist cannot hit. My back was tender and it worked a lot better than I expected. You can pick your number. For me 4 was the number that was not too strong and allowed me to get relief.

Accuracy Grade – 5/5


  • You will not find a gun with more speed than the Exogun. That level six is no joke. That thing is moving. Overall it is strong and fast. Much like Micah Parsons of the NFL Draft, the Exogun is a special talent. It is rare to find a product that has speed and power. It is a special talent and guaranteed winner.

Speed/Power Grade – 5/5


Exogun has everything you are looking for. I have had pain in my back for months after this crash and I was able to sleep for eight hours last night. I have never in my life gave a product review, but let me tell you this product is pretty sweet. The speed is top notch, the power is there to reach deep tissue areas, and it works. I have used massage therapists and massage guns in the past, and none are on the level of Exogun. I know we have tons of football fans and football players who read our articles on football players, but I feel this is one of my best scouting reports ever. Why? Because I am able to move better. This is a great product and we would recommend it to anyone with pain.

25/25 – FUTURE HALL OF FAMER – Best Sports Massage Gun in the Business

If you are interested in the Exogun, make sure you check out their website. This is a 440 dollar massage gun that you can buy right now for 159.99. If you are looking for relief, this is the product you need. Great stuff! I’m sold!


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