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Steelers are signing former Bears OL Rashaad Coward

Rashaad Coward Steelers Bears NFL Draft
Reddit actually ended up helping Rashaad Coward pick the Steelers over other teams. Check it out!

Rashaad Coward will have a new home, but it came after a few days of speculation. As many of you have probably read on, there was a conversation overheard of Rashaad Coward during a game of Call of Duty War Zone where he reportedly was talking to his agent about possible landing destinations.

Reddit user ProbationOfficer2035 posted a blind nugget on Saturday to Reddit’s NFL thread about what he believed to be a trade. Well there is one problem. Rashaad Coward cannot be trade because he is currently a restricted free agent. But, Coward’s wife Tally is an avid gamer, and has her own Twitch Channel. The thing is, the overheard conversation is actually a blessing in disguise.

Reddit Rashaad Coward

The former Old Dominion defensive lineman converted offensive lineman is a player who really stepped up and stepped in starting 10 games at right guard after Kyle Long suffered a season ending injury. He has also been a huge fan of NFL Draft Diamonds for a while so we contacted him to ask him about the situation.

I asked Rashaad about the reports and he stated:

I was actually on the phone with my agent, and talking about possible destinations. We had several teams showing interest, and Pittsburgh was an exciting option. I heard they could have interest and I definitely felt that was the best option for me. I feel I can come into Pittsburgh and compete right now, and after the news got out the fans were so supportive. After a few days, I asked my agent to tell Pittsburgh, I was interested in joining their team and the rest is history.

I feel deep down inside, I can help this football team on the field and be an asset to the communities surrounding the Pittsburgh area. I cannot wait to play for the Steelers.

So while the reddit member who posted the clue about Coward going to the Steelers was somewhat speculation, it ended up being what ultimately drove the former Old Dominion standout to Pittsburgh. Pretty cool story, Congrats Rashaad. Oh and Go Follow Tally on Twitch, she is the real MVP!


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