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Three NFL superstars that could be released before the start of free agency

NFL Superstars Von Miller and the Broncos are reportedly four million dollars apart
Von Miller and these other two players could be released if they are not willing to take pay cuts. When you look at this list, I put three players who could hit free agency early.

Last month, J.J. Watt became available for any team to sign after he was released by the Houston Texans. Watt’s first time in free agency was pretty interesting, many players and teams were reportedly interested, but Watt ultimately chose the Arizona Cardinals. Watt also went with a nice pay day receiving around 15.5 million per season and 23 million guaranteed. Well, we wanted to talk about three more NFL superstars that could be released next.

Odell Beckham Jr. – The Cleveland Browns had their best year in a long time and guess who was not on the field? Yep, Odell Beckham Jr. missed quite a bit of time with an injury and I think the Browns actually worked better without him. I would not be shocked if Beckham Jr. was released by the Browns. If the Browns cut him right now according to Over the Cap they would save 15.75 million dollars. There is no way the Browns should pass on saving that money. I would not be shocked if OBJ has a new home to start the 2021 NFL season. Odell might even take a pay cut to play on a contender.

Von Miller – The Broncos have a tough decision to make. The former top 5 pick did not play last season and has been in a bit of legal trouble. It would be interesting to see what happens at this point, but the Broncos could save 18 million dollars if they cut ties with Von Miller right now. I think Miller will definitely hit free agency, and maybe the Broncos could trade him, but at this point who has the cap space to fit him on their roster? He too may have to take a salary reduction. Maybe Odell and Von end up on the same team, Just saying….

Marshon Lattimore – The Saints are in salary cap hell. I know this move would make absolutely no sense, but the Saints do not have any room. If the Saints did in fact cut Lattimore they would save 10 plus million dollars. If he hit free agency he would land a huge pay day. I would not be surprised if the Saints either brought him to the table to renegotiate or to cut ties with him. He could be on the trade block as well.


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