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5 Perfect Landing Spots For Free Agent WR Allen Robinson

Allen Robinson bears landing spots free agency
With Free Agency quickly approaching, which five teams would be the perfect landing spot for Bears WR Allen Robinson?

By: NFLHeads2020

    Stud Wide Receiver for the Bears Allen Robinson is about to hit the free agent market. While this is surprising and will hurt the Bears, the signs have been that the Bears and Robinson have had somewhat of a falling out, so maybe this divorce is for the best. With this in mind, we can pick out where the best landing spots for Robinson are, so let’s kick it off!

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have been seeking that top receiver for quite a while, and let’s be real Devante Parker and Allen Hurns are not exactly Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley. Robinson would be a perfect lead receiver for the Dolphins, and would be great for Tua to lean on along with Mike Gesicki. My only worry is that the Dolphins WAY overpay for Robinson, and lose the cap room to sign other veterans that they desperately need. 

Houston Texans

I’ll preface this argument by saying that obviously nothing is going to fill the colossal void left by the absence of standout receiver DeAndre Hopkins, however Allen Robinson at least gives Houston a WR to work with who is better than Will Fuller, and certainly better than Randall Cobb and Brandin Cooks. This might also make Deshaun Watson a little happier, and help him lean closer to staying with Houston rather than demanding a trade.

Philadelphia Eagles

Alshon Jeffery is no longer a suitable number 1 WR, and DeSean Jackson has already been cut. The Eagles need to get their young new quarterback, Jalen Hurts, some help, and Robinson is the perfect way to do that. The Eagles should sign Robinson as their long term option, and as a veteran that can help develop Jalen Reagor, and maybe even revive the career of J.J. Arceaga-Whiteside.

New York Jets

To be quite honest the Jets need just about everything, but whether they are going to move on with Justin Fields or Sam Darnold, you will need someone to play alongside young WR Denzel Mims. Your man in this case has to be Robinson, who can play as a nice complement to not only Mims, but Breshad Perriman as well (if they decide to resign him). The Jets did not have a solid first banana last year, but they can this year if they spring on the opportunity to sign Robinson.

Washington Football Team

This is the only scenario where Robinson would not be the undisputed first receiver, but I believe it is necessary to get some wideouts in Washington. Terry McLaurin is absolutely incredible, don’t get me wrong, but if all Washington has behind McLaurin is a bag of spoons then Washington is in trouble. Washington should sign Allen Robinson to play as a complement to Terry McLaurin and Logan Thomas. Imagine that combo, now Washington would be cooking with lighter fluid.


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