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Draft Buzz: Catching up with Baylor CB Raleigh Texada

Raleigh Texada Baylor
Baylor defensive back Raleigh Texada is one of the draft’s biggest sleepers. He recently sat down with Jon-Michael Salter of NFL Draft Diamonds for this exclusive Draft Buzz Interview.

The recent draft buzz on Baylor cornerback Raleigh Texada has been pretty consistent. When you watch the film of the 5-10 190 pound prospect, it is simple to love his potential. Texada has the versatility to play both inside and out. He can play in both press and zone. Raleigh has great hips, eye discipline, and the speed to stick with the fastest of receivers. Texada is flying under the radar right now, and I cannot figure out why. Now, I understand that finding talent isn’t an exact science, but in this case, it is a bit more obvious. I had the pleasure of sitting with Texada and asked him his take on being overlooked? We will also find out who he is outside of football and the pressures of playing for a power five school?

But before I sat with the rising star, I spoke with my scouting source and asked him his take?

“I like the kid. I liked his brother too, but I think this guy is a bit more refined. I think he will project as a nickel guy at the next level. He is a little smaller than I like my guys to be, but he can play outside. In his career, he has taken on some top players and won. You don’t hear a lot about it, but the guys making the decisions see it. I liked his tape against Oklahoma, he played well. He is a lot more athletic than I thought and has a swagger to him. I like that about a guy. Especially when they are sure or self-aware of their talent. He’s a guy that I feel can play at a high level. I think he will stick on a roster and be a guy that could be a good one. You can never guess where a player will be drafted, but I think he fits a lot of schemes. He can play man or zone, one I like more than the other. He has a great future if he can develop or keep on developing.”

We sat down with Raleigh to ask him about the pressures of facing the best receiver’s in the Big-12. We also asked him why he feels he is being overlooked?

“I feel like as long as you are prepared, no moment is too big! I know I want to go into a game and face the best guys. That will only make me a better player. I want to be the best, and playing face to face with these guys will get me to that. I know I can handle it. When it comes to being overlooked, I am not sure why that is happening. Maybe it is because I am not flashy and make a ton of noise. I just do my job, and that’s it. I go to work and grind. I can’t wait around for them to call my name. I feel like I have to go out and make things happen. I feel like if I sit here and wait around, I will miss my opportunity. I owe it to myself and my family to put that work in. I owe it to do my best and not worry about outside noise.”

While Texada’s numbers don’t jump out, it is not because of a lack of talent. If you watch the tape, you see that quarterbacks have stayed away from him at times. He has had a solid career of renting space in opposing offenses’ minds. Even with all the talent, I wondered about the man outside the locker room?

“Honestly? I’m just a simple person. My father taught me to be a family-first kind of guy. So for me, it has always been that way. I love my family, and I like to chill when I get a little time to relax and just decompress. I do love football, so most of my time is tied up to that. I am always studying or working on my craft. I know tons of guys are out there trying to get a leg up, and if I don’t put in my reps every day I will never have a chance to be successful. Being talented is not enough anymore. You have to have a football IQ and have to have to work hard at your craft. You have to do as much as you can to get ready and stay ready. So I know you asked who I am outside of football. I am a family guy, but right now everything is football for me.”

Sitting with Texada I was impressed by his poise, much like his play on the field. As for his play, Turn on the film, and decide for yourself. But if you ask me my opinion on the young prospect, I think we will be seeing him play on Sunday.


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