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Week 7 QB Index: Baker Mayfield jumps into the top 3 with his amazing performance

Baker Mayfield Browns
Baker Mayfield is one of the NFL’s rising stars, and this year he has really began to turn it on late. He jumps into the top 3 of our QB Index for week 7.

By: @NFLHeads2020

  1. Ryan Tannehill

Tannrhill tried so hard to bring the Titans out of a massive deficit against one of the best defenses in the league, and would have succeeded if not for Stephen Gostkowski whiffing a field goal.

  1. Aaron Rodgers (+8)

Aaron Rodgers had a huge bounce back game against the Texans, throwing 4 touchdowns and no picks to destroy the Texans. Rodgers showed again that he can be relied on to play amazing in big spots.

  1. Baker Mayfield (+17)

Mayfield had an incredible game against the Bengals, throwing 5 touchdowns and only one pick. This was especially impressive with his leading receivers being Rashard Higgins, Harrison Bryant, and Donovan Peoples-Jones.

  1. Justin Herbert

Herbert looks like the real thing in Los Angeles, and is really giving the Chargers a face for the franchise. Herbert threw for 347 yards, three touchdowns, and no picks against the Jaguars to beat them 39-29

  1. Tom Brady (-1)

Brady looked amazing against the Raiders, who are a team that have shown they can ball. Brady threw four touchdowns, and made Scotty Miller and Rob Gronkowski look amazing.

  1. Joe Burrow (+11)

Burrow went punch for punch with the Browns who were on fire on Sunday. Burrow’s Bengals fell to the Browns 34-37, but Burrow still threw for over 300 yards, and threw 3 touchdowns and only one interception.

  1. Kyler Murray (+7)

The Cardinals offense finally showed up to play on Sunday against the Seahawks, but let’s not get hasty with showering him in praise. I want to see one more week of great play from Murray before we officially crown him as an elite quarterback.

  1. Deshaun Watson (-6)

Watson did some good stuff in garbage time to get the Texans up to 20 points, but when it came down to it the Packers racked up such an early lead, and looked so dominant that ultimately it didn’t matter what Watson did, the Texans were losing that game.

  1. Patrick Mahomes (-4)

Patrick Mahomes looked great against Denver, but he honestly did not have to do that much to win the game, especially in a game when Drew Lock threw a pick 6 to Daniel Sorenson.

  1. Jared Goff (-1)

Goff did what he needed to do to destroy the Bears, whose defense has looked dominant over the first half of the season. Goff looks like he will be able to consistently be good enough to lead this offense to big wins against tough defenses.

  1. Ben Roethlisberger (-5)

Roethlisberger had a good game against the Titans, but if not for Gostkowski’s leg he could have blown this game. Big Ben’s statline is rough too, 2 touchdowns and 3 interceptions.

  1. Russell Wilson

Wilson had not thrown three picks against any team since Jacksonville in the 2017 season. Say what you will about how well they played in the game, you can’t excuse 3 interceptions in a game by anybody. Sorry Wilson, no excuses.

  1. Drew Brees

Brees had the best game of his season against the Panthers to beat them 27-24. Brees was much more on point, and the offense did not have to completely rely on Alvin Kamara this time.

  1. Matthew Stafford (-2)

Stafford came in clutch against the Falcons as time was expiring, and had a decent game on the whole. Stafford looks like a glue quarterback at this point, somewhere between a game manager and an elite quarterback.

  1. Matt Ryan (-12)

Ryan played rather well on Sunday, but once again he and the Falcons blew yet another fourth quarter lead against the Detroit Lions. Ryan threw for 338 yards and a touchdown to lose to Detroit 22-23.

  1. Josh Allen (-8)

After studying Sunday’s game more closely I realized Josh Allen was not as bad as I thought, but his inability to rack up points was startling, especially against the Jets, who are all around the worst team in football. Allen was able to get the Bills out of a 10 point deficit.

  1. Teddy Bridgewater (+2)

Bridgewater needed to be positively electric to beat this Saints team on Sunday. Unfortunately he wasn’t so the Panthers ended up falling 24-27 to the Saints. Bridgewater didn’t look bad by any stretch, but he showed that the Panthers are not quite ready to compete just yet.

  1. Gardner Minshew II (+4)

Minshew had a good game against the Chargers even though the Jaguars ended up losing. I am still unsure whether or not to say that quarterback is a need, but this game is a step in the right direction.

  1. Derek Carr

Carr didn’t drop off of a cliff by any stretch, but he was not able to muster up his team into a win against Tampa Bay. Carr threw 2 touchdowns and a pick and looked solid enough, but the Raiders need a little bit more in what looks like a tough AFC.

  1. Kyle Allen (+3)

Allen looked good against the Cowboys. Now let it sink in just how meaningless that really is. The Cowboys coupled have the worst combination of offense and defense of everyone in the NFL (except the Jets).

  1. Jimmy Garoppolo (-10)

Garoppolo didn’t kill the 49ers, but he still threw two picks in a game that was led by the random greatness of Jeffery Wilson. Garoppolo has to start consistently playing well for this team to be able to lean on him.

  1. Nick Foles (-7)

Foles was not able to lead the Bears against a win against the Rams, who look like they are steadily making their way to be as good as they were in 2018, their Super Bowl season. Foles will continue to be the starter, and Bears fans should hope they have a few more good games so that they have a shot at this division.

  1. Carson Wentz (-7)

Wentz still played poorly against the Giants, but was able to pull them out of a 21-7 hole, so that’s something to be excited about. On the other hand, Wentz  did it against the Giants which is hardly impressive.

  1. Daniel Jones (-3)

Jones will have this day to remember as possibly one of the most embarrassing days of his career, with the infamous trip in front of the end zone. I would worry about this because I think when quarterbacks make big mistakes like this, the fans and the team start to lose faith in the quarterback.

  1. Drew Lock (+1)

Lock is looking pretty bad against the Chiefs, throwing a pick 6 to Daniel Sorenson, and not throwing any touchdowns. He did have one rushing touchdown, but I worry about Lock’s ability to hold up against real NFL teams.

  1. Sam Darnold

Surprise surprise, Darnold looked terrible. 120 yards, 2 picks, and 5.2 yards per throw is nothing to be excited about. As much as I think Darnold has a good career left in front of him, I want him to be able to have a chance on another team next year, and I hope the Jets give him that chance.

  1. Andy Dalton (-2)

Dalton took a very scary hit in the game so I feel bad destroying him on this list, but Dalton has looked terrible over the past two weeks. Dalton had 3.9 yards a throw, and only 75 yards the whole day. Keep in mind this is against the Cardinals defense, not exactly a gauntlet.

  1. Cam Newton (-6)

Newton looked awful against an injured 49ers team that dominated the game in every sense. Newton threw three awful picks, and could not get anything established in the running game.


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