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Who are the Top 5 Quarterbacks in the 2021 NFL Draft? Who is the sleeper?

Kyle Trask Stock Rising
One player in the 2021 NFL Draft whose stock is rising is Florida’s QB Kyle Trask. I am hearing he has first round talk around him

We are ranking the top 10 quarterbacks in the 2021 NFL Draft. I wanted to break down my top prospects at the position and see what you all think. There are some several good quarterbacks in the 2021 NFL Draft, and I think there is one sleeper in the top 5 list.

1.) Trevor Lawrence – Let’s face it, Lawrence is a special player. I really feel he is a top prospect in the NFL Draft. He can make every NFL throw, he has all the physical talents and he has the size you love in a quarterback. Last year, he showcased the ability to run against a big time program in Alabama, and I think that is what really put him over the top for me. Overall, Lawrence is the top pick and I would not be surprised if a team tanks to land his services.

2.) Trey Lance – Yes, I am putting the small school prospect from North Dakota State in my top 5. I think Lance is easily a top 10 pick but I would not be shocked if he went 2nd overall as Carson Wentz did years ago. Lance is 6040 and added five pounds this year. It will hurt that he only has one game, but I think he will tear it up in that game leaving scouts salivating for more. He will get drafted high. He was a former 3-star quarterback coming out of high school!

Trey Lance and the NDSU Bison are one of the 15 FCS teams playing football in 2020.

3.) Justin Fields – Potentially not having a season hurts. I think the Ohio State quarterback has many skills, but I think overall he will slip. He has the arm strength to make every throw. He has huge numbers, but when you put him side by side with Lawrence and Lance I think you will see Fields is the third best quarterback in the draft. He likes to zip a ball, but he will not fall far. I still think he goes in the top 15.

4.) Kyle Trask – Yep, Here is my sleeper prospect. I am sick of reading about Georgia’s Jamie Newman. Let’s talk about Kyle Trask. The 6050 gunslinger with Tebow like running skills had a great season last year. Trask is a big quarterback who has played under center. Dan Mullens offense is creative and we have watched Trask run the pistol, then turn around and work out of shotgun. He is a beast when it comes to looking off a safety. He has a talent to play eye games with defenders that I have not seen with other quarterbacks over the years.

5.) Brock Purdy – If Purdy was 6040 he would be the second best prospect on this list. The only thing that drops him is his size. Being a 6000 quarterback hurts your stock. Drew Brees fell because of it but the NFL has changed a bit. Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray were both under 6000, so that is why I kept Purdy in my top 5. Purdy is extremely capable of killing your with his legs. He loves the middle of the field, which make you wonder about his arm strength on the outside passes, but overall he is a draft pick in my eyes!


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