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Draft Diamonds Free Agent Interview: Jerimiah Spicer, Linebacker

Jerimiah Spicer has attracted NFL interest from the Detroit Lions, Washington football team, Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, Los Angeles Chargers, Houston Texans and Seattle Seahawks.

Hello, I am @jrberendzen on Twitter and this is one of my free agent interviews where I ask very deserving free agents questions about the players themselves and about what a team would get in these players. All of these players should get picked up by NFL and CFL teams and get a shot at being a career football player. So I hope you all read this interview and follow Jerimiah’s journey on Twitter  @kingstruck24

1.What do you do for fun?

I play professional football, train kids and help people in need. I like to be in nature so I can get peace in my mind I train everyday. Football is my main fun right now it’s my life. It’s all I had after my mom and grandma died and I was homeless. I really feel alone out here and football brings family atmosphere so that’s what I like to do for fun.

2.How was your experience as an XFL football player?

Man, I got legit NFL Coaching from NFL Legends like my Defensive coordinator Pepper Johnson. It’s let me know I can play and dominate against the best I was out there roughing dudes up. Everyone knows I’m always going 100 miles per second lol some athletes complain but I keep coming cause I’m the one that’s been slept on. I’m the underdog.

3.What is your mindset when you are on the football field?

I bring focus and tenacity relentless energy that’s contagious to my teammates it really gets them going just by me being on the field… I bring my life’s pain everything I been through and channel the energy into positive strength into helping the team. My mindset is a relentless, instinctive, courageous ballhawk, durability, and leading by example.

4.What is your favorite workout?

Getting smarter in cognitive brain training so basically I train under intense pressure while keeping my mind focused on making that big play when need. I also run hills a lot, core, do a lot of cone drills change of direction and reaction ya know stuff linebackers do on the field. I do a lot of real-life stuff in my drills I don’t just do drills to look cool. I also like the beach workouts.

5.If your life was a tv show what would you call it and why?

It would call it 4 quarters cause I got to make all the right decisions to survive in my life I didn’t grow up with a mother or father so I didn’t have what most people had. If you don’t make the right decisions in the 4 seasons winter, spring, summer and fall I will be idle and lose in life..similar to 4 quarters if you don’t make the right decisions in 4 quarters then you lose… the person who makes the least amount of mistakes wins so I gotta stay focused I have nobody that will come save me if I fall‼️ And like Pepper Johnson said soon as I get my legit shot I won’t lose my spot.

6.What are your favorite moments from your football life?

When I got my tryout with the LA Chargers after Anthony Lynn brought me in I made the linebacker list. Also when I got drafted to the XFL.

7.If you could hang out with any football player past or present for a day who and why?

Ray Lewis. Because we have the same passion for the game…. and he is labeled the best and I know I could be the best if I had my opportunity I can be the number 1 Linebacker in the NFL,  XFL OR EVEN CFL.

8.What made you decide you wanted to be a football player?

I was hurt inside since a Lil kid after getting taken from my mother downtown Los Angeles skid row I wanted to find a way to bring my family together and my mom off skid row and drugs. I wanted to find a way to make my mom want me or love me. My social worker and grandma put me in football my grandma couldn’t afford it by her self. My grandma and mom died and I just kept going I didn’t know who else to play for so I started playing for myself and less fortunate people‼️

9.Most interesting teammate that you have had and why?

Shawn Oakman, we both still fighting and we both don’t give up. Both relentless on the field. He and I together do a lot of damage.

10.Rank focus, footwork and skill based on what is most important to you as a football player and explain why?

The mind controls are all that. I think core and focus are huge under pressure. Footwork just adds on to that and discipline.

11.What do you hope to accomplish if you make it into the NFL?

To be remembered forever.To show the less fortunate kids what can happen if you don’t ever give up no matter how hard things get.I hope to build other platforms to help the community also.

12.What type of energy do you bring onto the football field?

Relentless nonstop energy I always want the ball back that’s my job to get the ball back so I will do whatever it takes to get the ball back for my team…I have very good instincts I can feel plays before they happen I can call plays before they happen. I have no quit in me.

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