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49ers announced a black-out after they screwed Colin Kaepernick

I am sorry, I got mad when the San Francisco 49ers posted the black-out photo on Twitter. It really boiled my blood because the 49ers were a huge part of the problem when Colin Kaepernick kneeled to protest police brutality.

I was not the only person who was pissed that the Niners posted it on their timeline. Eric Reid their former safety and player who knelt with Kaepernick voiced his disgust as well.

Just to think that some betting websites have the 49ers with the best odds to be a contender in Super Bowl 55. I know they were the contenders last season but I do not see it this year. It is crazy to think that the 49ers went to the Super Bowl under Colin Kaepernick in 2012 and fell short then too.

Super Bowl 55 Odds
The two teams with the best odds on this gambling website are the San Francisco 49ers out of the NFC and the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC.

The 49ers played a huge role in Kaepernick not getting another shot in the NFL. I know people will say that he brought it upon himself but the 49ers were doing him dirty.

I mean three years after leading the San Francisco 49ers to Super Bowl XLVII, Colin Kaepernick was been benched in favor of a quarterback with a 5-22 record as an NFL starter.

This ultimately allowed the 49ers to get out of his contract. The thing was Kaepernick opted out of his contract, saving him the option of getting cut. That would be the last we see of the former Nevada gunslinger.

What would have happened if Kaepernick did not opt out? The embattled quarterback was due to make $14.5 million in base salary and count for nearly $19.4 million against the salary cap in 2017. Kaepernick likely opted out knowing he was likely to get released by San Francisco, who wasn’t expected to be willing to pay him his full salary.

The Niners could have brought him back at a cheaper deal but that was the last time Kaepernick would play football.

The narrative of why Kaepernick took a huge blow from the media. Many thought he was against the United States Military, many said he used his platform to do something but it was the wrong time to do it. At the end of the day, there is a huge problem in this country and the 49ers posting an all black tweet is a huge slap in the face to the black community and Colin Kaepernick.

Not much has changed since he took his stance, police brutality still exists, Kaepernick is still not on a team in the NFL, and the 49ers and the NFL are trying to act like they care about Black Lives. If they cared about Black Lives the owner and everyone would have been on the field kneeling to protest with them. The owner would not have been trying to tell them to stop kneeling.

Reid wrote in a series of three tweets:

“Nobody wants your money Jed. We want justice. We’ve always wanted justice. Y’all are truly (deluded).”

“One day y’all will realize that truth and justice are the answer.”

“I see that a lot of y’all think that it takes money to get justice. It does not. It takes money to facilitate injustice. Justice is easy, the system chooses not to give it.”

Torrey Smith would then jump into the conversation saying “I was there and watched the way he handled the Kap’s protest. He was willing to support in anyway possible and was trying to figure out and understand how to help. I never heard him say “don’t kneel one time”. He focused on helping. He has my respect forever.”

Reid disagreed with that and quote-tweeted it, saying York “begged me not to kneel.” The safety joined Kaepernick in kneeling during the anthem. He was recently on the Panthers where he continued to kneel.

At the end of the day, we do not know who is telling the truth or not between Smith or Reid, but we do know that Colin Kaepernick is still not in the league, and there is still police brutality happening.

Hopefully, people including the owners of the San Francisco 49ers will wake up soon, because our country is slowly crumbling.


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