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The MVP candidates for the NFL 2020 season

Josh Allen MVP
Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen hs 40/1 MVP odds in 2020. Can the former Wyoming QB lead the Bills to the playoffs again?

The recent NFL draft was the initial spark for numerous debates regarding the upcoming season. The fans and the experts started to discuss which team had the best selection, who benefited the most, and increase its chances for a notable result, and in the end, it led to the standard topics – who will win the Super Bowl and who is going to be the MVP. 

We can’t quite tell which question is more difficult, but from our point of view, the second one is a bit more interesting. 

At the moment, three guys stand above all others when talking about the chances to win the MVP. Patrick Mahomes leads the way with 7/2, the reigning MVP Lamar Jackson in 6/1, while Seattle’s Russell Wilson comes after with 8/1. Behind this trio, we have Tom Brady, 16/1, Dak Prescott with the same odds, and Deshaun Watson at 17/1, On this link, you have more offers and odds, as well as info on which sites you can use for sportsbooks in NJ.

But this is only the first echelon, and as you see these guys are mostly from those teams who are projected to be the top candidates for winning the Super Bowl.

To be straight right away, both Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens are the top two favorites, according to the bookies. After seeing them during the last year, this is a logical thing, plus they kept their teams during the free agency, and even strengthen in some positions.

The Chiefs are 13/2 to retain the Vince Lombardi trophy. Baltimore is slightly behind with 7/1. The last year’s NFC champions, San Francisco 49ers, are 10/1, and the Tampa Bay Buccanneers following Brady’s and Gronk’s landing is 11/1. New Orleans Saints 14/1, and the Dallas Cowboys at 16/1 are kind of dark horses. 

We need to say that Seattle at 20/1 is a bit underestimating, knowing that the Seahawks have a very talented crew, with Wilson leading the way. If they hadn’t had all those injury problems last season, these guys might make big noise during the playoffs. Crippled as they were, the Seahawks lost narrowly against the Packers in the Divisional Round. By the way, Pack also is 20/1. 

Their leader and the two-time MVP Aaron Rodgers had one of his worst years as a pro, and many are blaming him for a missed opportunity to reach the SB. Rodgers’ performances were far below the usual level, which was a reason for many to start whispering that No.12 might be ready for retirement. Especially after Jordan Love’s draft. 

AR is leading the second group of the MVP candidates. His win is priced at 20/1, slightly better than Carson Wentz’s 22/1, and Drew Brees’ 25/1. It is interesting that the youngster from Arizona and the 2019 No.1 pick and the Rookie of the Year from the past campaign has the same chances to become the MVP like Brees, 25/1. Falcons’ Matt Ryan is 33/1, Baker Mayfield 35/1, and Christian McCaffrey 40/1.

The latter one had a magnificent season with the Panthers setting numerous records and practically playing everything in the attack but the passer. It was a pity that Carolina didn’t have proper sidekicks for him. In fact, the main problem for McCaffrey in his MVP race was Carolina’s bad record. If they, for example, reached the playoffs, he would be breathing down Lamar Jackson’s neck.

Can the Buffalo Bills get over the hump?  

The experts are expecting to see Josh Allen’s explosion this year, claiming that the Bills’ quarterback has everything that it takes to win the MVP trophy. He is now at 40/1 to achieve that. League’s best running back during the previous year Derrick Henry is 50/1, while his rival from the Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliot stands at 66/1.

The Saints Michael Thomas is 125/1, Derek Carr 100/1 while the No.1 pick from this year’s draft Joe Burrow 150/1. There was a lot of hype surrounding Burrow, who is projected to be the new icon of the league. After winning the NCAA title with the LSU and setting several big-time records, there wasn’t any debate about Bengals’ selection. They are now expecting him to be a game-changer. We on the other side, can’t wait to see him play. 


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