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Remember Ace Davis, the kid that said Tom Brady cheated in his science project? He is a Bucs fan

Do you remember the young kid Ace Davis, that made a science fair project claiming Tom Brady cheated?

Well he has always been a huge Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan. His favorite player was Jameis Winston, when we interviewed him.

Davis a young quarterback himself from Lexington, Kentucky, really did not like the Patriots and Tom Brady because they won a lot (I cannot blame him). Even though Ace said he could not stand him because he cheated, I have to wonder what Ace thinks now about Tom Brady? So I went on Facebook to find this post from his Father Christopher and he tagged Ace in the photo. It is a photo of Tom Brady and says they will rally behind Tom and eat crow in the process.

Ace was really hard on Tom Brady, and did not even want him to win the Super Bowl when he interviewed him. Sometimes though, things can change.

I have an issue with Tom Brady myself as a die-hard Bills fan, but now that he is out of my division, I can like him. I do not have to hear about Tom Brady and the Patriots anymore. He has owned my Buffalo Bills over the past twenty years, and while I too feel he is a cheater, I have to love that he is no longer in my division. That is what happens when you deal with a great. I just thought it was great that Ace hated Brady for cheating and now gets to watch him and root for him every week.

This was a cute story and we are huge supporters of Ace! I love a good story!


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