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2020 NFL Draft Prospect: Dominick “D.J.” Trigg, DB, Morgan State University

DJ Trigg from Morgan State is a gamer and he recently sat down with NFL Draft Diamonds Jonathan Joyce.

Student-Athlete Profile:

  • Dominick “D.J.” Trigg
  • Morgan State University
  • DB
  • 6’1”
  • 200 LBS.
  • Hometown: Tampa, FL
  • Twitter: @DJTrigg_86

2019 Statistics:
  • GP: 11
  • Total Tackles: 31
  • PBU: 2
  • FF: 1
via Dominick Trigg (YouTube)

What have you taken away the most from the Coach Wheatley, Coach Poland and the rest of the Morgan State coaching staff?

One of the first things Coach Wheatley said he was going to do was make sure we knew how to keep our heads under pressure. Under the Morgan State University coaching staff, as a whole, I have learned many ways to adapt and respond positively when faced with adversity.

I’ve read that you are an Economics major. When football is over, is that the professional field you’d like to pursue?

When football is over, I would like to pursue a career as a financial analyst. As a financial analyst, I would be providing guidance to businesses and individuals making investment decisions by assessing the performance of stocks, bonds, and other types of investments. While pursuing my economics career, however, I would like to become an entrepreneur and start my own businesses and invest in some real estate.

The current capacity at Hughes Memorial Stadium is 10,001. If you could choose any one person, past or present, to be that final person over 10,000 to fill capacity, who would it be and why?

The final person I would want to fill the Hughes Memorial Stadium capacity is my mother. My mother is a major part of my “why.” She is the reason I grind so hard with no remorse. Her strength and love is something I want to keep around me always. Without my mother, I am nothing so having her at any game, home or away, would make me play much harder.

Is there a current or former NFL player that you try to model your game after?

One of the most influential football players in the NFL for me is Eddie Jackson because he is a ball-hogging safety with experience as a wide receiver.

Who is the toughest player you’ve competed against during your collegiate career?

The toughest player I have had to compete against during my collegiate career is myself. During my time here at Morgan State, I have faced a lot of adversity both on the field and off but, by keeping my mind positive and my heart pure, I was able to defeat that side of myself and overcome everything sent my way.

If I’m headed to Baltimore for the weekend, where is the one place near campus I have to eat?

If you are in Baltimore, you have to try Taste This and get the stuffed salmon platter with macaroni and cheese and candied yams. It’s almost as good as being back at home.

In your opinion, who is the best player in the NFL?

In my opinion, the best player in the NFL right now is Lamar Jackson. He is a great quarterback and an all-around team player.

You’re in front of all 32 NFL General Managers and have 15 words or less to give them your pitch on why D.J. Trigg will be an asset to their organization for years to come. What do you tell them?

I am versatile and determined to thrive regardless of the challenges set ahead of me.

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