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2020 NFL Draft Prospect Interview: Fua Leilua, DE, Utah State University

Fua Leilua the DE from Utah State University who recently sat down with Jonathan Joyce of Draft Diamonds

Student-Athlete Profile:

  • Fua Leilua
  • Utah State University
  • DE
  • 6’3″
  • 290lbs
  • Hometown: Anaheim, California
  • Twitter: @FuaLeilua

2018 Accolades & Statistics:
  • 2018 All-Mountain West Football Honorable Mention.
  • GP: 13
  • GS: 13
  • Total Tackles: 38
  • TFL: 5.5
  • Sacks: 1.5
  • PBU: 1
  • QBH: 6
via @PFF_College (Twitter)

As an athlete, what is your motivation?

My wife, kids, and family.

What defines success for you?

Not having to live paycheck to paycheck.

What would your teammates say about the type of teammate you are?

They can count on me to have their back no matter what.

via @USUFootball (Twitter)

What are some of your personal “rules” that you never break?

Never be complacent or satisfied with what I’ve done and to keep pushing forward.

Who is the toughest player you’ve competed against during your collegiate career?

I can’t think of one specific individual.

Who is the best player in the NFL?

Bobby Wagner or Aaron Donald.

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What is your team of choice on Madden, why?

49ers. I’ve always just been a fan.

Failure is inevitable in life. How do you handle situations that don’t go in your favor?

Failures are just lessons we need to learn in order to get where we need to be.

Is there a current/former NFL player that you model your game after?

Haloti Ngata, I just want to dominate people.

Knowing what you do now, what would you go back and tell yourself as a High-School Freshman?

That football is a stepping stone to get where I want to be so as not to be too hard on myself for mistakes made on the field.

What is your go-to restaurant near campus?


If your life was a book, what would its title be?

“The Marathon Continues.”

What song or artist do you like but rarely admit to liking?

I like all my music.

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, living or deceased, who would it be and why?

My Grandma Vi or my Grandpa Chico. They’re two people who I’ve always carried with me on my journey through high school and college football even though they never saw me play.

Forty-years from now, what do you want to be remembered for?

Being someone people can always count on.

In 15 words or less, why should an NFL team invest in you?

I’ll give my all every day and I’m not the type to fold under the pressure.

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