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Updated Vegas odds for Jalen Ramsey has him landing in Kansas City

Jalen Ramsey loves to talk trash, but he may be talking trash on the best team in the NFL soon.

Tonight, everyone is watching the Jaguars and Titans game for one reason and one reason only. Teams and fans are hoping that Jalen Ramsey the Jaguars starting defensive back makes it out the game healthy, because many feel he will be traded by the weekend.

I went to Bovada to check the odds and Jalen Ramsey to the Chiefs seems like the favorite at this time.

Updated odds for what team will land CB Jalen Ramsey


  • Chiefs +150
  • Jaguars +210
  • Raiders +600
  • Patriots +700
  • Eagles +1100
  • Seahawks +1400
  • Packers +1400
  • Browns +1400
  • Cowboys +1400
  • 49ers +1400

I want to know what you think? Does he land on the Chiefs? It sure seems like that will be the outcome at this point.


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