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NFL Draft Diamonds Hidden Gems, Secondary Edition, Volume 1

Dylan Mabin is flying up draft boards right now, and he should be. He has size, speed and tenacity. NFL teams are going to love him.

2019 NFL Draft Hidden Gems By Matt Anzio

Secondary Edition Part One

 Dylan Mabin – CB/ DB

  • School: Fordham
  • Height: 6’1    
  • Weight: 195 lbs
  • Pro Day Results – Forty – 4.41        
  • Short Shuttle – 4.24
  • Reps – 14     
  • Vert – 38 “
  • 2019 All Patriot League selection
  • Hometown:   Macedonia, Ohio

Mabin has some of the best tape i’ve seen at the corner position this year.

Just coming off a solid Pro Day  where he had a good outing including a 4.41  Forty & looked really sharp in positional drills. Caught the attention of many of the top scouts in attendance getting interviews & reports written in the wake of his performance.  Doesn’t hurt that he seems like such a confident down to earth prospect. Think when you combine the skills with the good attitude you have something special. If he was from a school like Penn State Or Georgia  would he not have receive a combine invite. Hypothetical question, of course he would be on manys top 100 top 50 Big Boards. Luckily the big scouts look everywhere from Canada to Australia telling me can’t see a outside CB from New York,  Forget about it. Also had career 1082 yds & 1 TD in the return game.

Outside Corner that can play both man & zone coverages. Rare ability cover man both X & Y wide out’s on the outside. Blanket players not leaving much room for a wideout to make a play. Quick-footed instinctual in locating the ball disrupting the play. Backpedal, turn change of direction looks like he has been doing it since birth.  Timing to get his head around keeping his eyes focused on the ball. Looked good covering across the face on slants laterally  shadowing wideouts. Burst with closing speed to catch up to players from behind. Tackles hard with the right technique goes low chops opponents down. Blitzes extremely well for a CB strong hand arms to wrap up QB’s & RB’s. Can also be a benefit in the return game shows shifty movement skills vision with short bursts of speed. On special teams in any facet can be an asset with his 4.4 time willingness to return, tackle or block.  Excellent range  timing put some good work on tape & at his Pro day. Mabin is one of the best outside CB sleepers in this draft, hands down.

  Monty Fenner – Safety/CB/ST    

  • School: Towson
  • Height: 6’0
  • Weight: 190lbs
  • Pro day: March 28th at Towson
  • Best games: Vs Citadel 9/29/18 & Vs Stony Brook 9/15/18   
  • Hometown: Chesapeake, V.A.

Shake rattle bones when Fenner hits, you get the full Monty…

Had a heck of a career at Towson where he amassed    248 tackles 5.5 TFL 27 PBU’s, 6 INT’s , 4 FF & was a All Conference , team captain that suited up for all 12 of  Towson’s games. On the season 71 tackles, 9 PBU & 1 INT. He prepares for his Pro day next Thursday is already receiving interest from some NFL scouts & of course the Small School guys are very high on one of the hardest hitting DB in a very deep class.

Played a lot off zone coverage but his eye for the ball ability to diagnose plays on the fly is outstanding. Can lay back in the cut observing the play develop & just turn on the burners close in on players like a hawk closes on its prey.  Smoothly backpedals or runs laterally can change direction get downhill pursuit like the flick of a switch. Can hit like a savage watch players on the business end take some serious impact. Even if he catches the ball Fenner can easily jar it loose with his vicious hits normally directly on the ball.  Comes in with furious velocity & power to prevent positive yardage. Perfect option to bring on a safety blitz or run blitz. Handwork reaction ability to jock for position react & attack is beyond legit. Seen him play both safety positions believe he has the quickness to play CB inside or out. Can play FS & SS   keep everything in front of him. Exciting player to watch when he picks the ball off can navigate excellerate his way through trash amazing subtle fast cuts movements threat to take it to the house every time he gets the ball. On coverage closes like a bullet knocking balls & bones loose. Can play in the box or deep he is extremely versatile could be a very useful piece on a secondary looking for versatility & depth. Fluid, loose, smooth , tough vicious all words to describe Fenner’s  style of play. Don’t care what some experts say Fenner is a top DB candidate in the eyes of scouts that evaluate much more than the power five schools.

Davon Muldrow  – Slot/ Safety / Hybrid LB

  • School: New Mexico State Highlands
  • Height: 5’ 11                 
  • Weight: 188 lbs
  • Pro Day  Results – 4.42 ( unofficial )but looked faster & 16 Reps is all I have at the moment
  • Played in the FCS National Bowl had 5 tackles & 1 TFL
  • Hometown: Pittsburg, C.A.

Muldrow has undeniable speed, toughness leadership  & versatility.

All the qualities needed in a player to  fill out the bottom of a roster. Played all around lining up in everything from LB to Slot & Strong safety. Had 30 tackles, 2 sacks, 4TFL & INT. Showing his versatility in the run game & in pass coverage.    The ability to be used in many ways increases his value along with him testing well in both speed & strength. Was a team captain for NMSH high character intelligent player. High motor aggressive quick twitch player that grinds it out till the whistle blows .   Hard to block slippery moves around the line or in the middle of the field can react to attack with no hesitation. Another team captain which seems to be a theme in this report quality players on the field in the locker room breeds Champions.

Reads the play off the line  quick twitch flip his hips goes from run to pass coverage in a heartbeat. He can cover tight as well as close space in a hurry. Could Be useful poth in man & run. Run or pass also a tremendous blitzer can burst off the edge like a outside backer. Flies  around not easy to block contains the run effectively. Has good enough size at 5 ‘ 11 but plays bigger than that & makes up for it with intensity, work ethic , quick twitch, speed of course range. Seen him jump on the back of larger wideouts & ride them like seabiscuit to they stumble to the floor.  Really good short area burst has catch up speed closing speed to come down hill or cover short to intermediate areas very well. Good coming up to the line covering screens & HB tosses. Flexible good movement skills laterally makes good adjustments follows the ball. With the long speed to learn how to be very good covering deep if needed. Although think he will be used in the nickel  or slot in the middle of the field. Has the instincts awareness needed to be used in run defense pass coverage & on ST. Has gunner type qualities on ST with the long speed to get down & explodes into his tackle. Gives it his all obviously loves to learn as much as he can about the game. Has a linebacker mentality with the quick footed movement talent of a Nickelback.

Jonte Pooler –  CB/ DB

  • School – University  Charlestown
  • Height:  6‘0
  • Weight:  186 lbs
  • Pro Day Results: Unofficial – Forty- 4.48
  • Vert- 38”
  • Broad 10’ 2”    
  • Reps- 12
  • Best Games: Vs Virginia Wise 10/20/18  & vs Glenville 11/10/18
  • Hometown: Akron Ohio

Another outside Corner that’s being vastly underrated.

Pooler has everything you look for in an outside presence at the corner position. Can play tight man or off slightly &  close quickly. Played on the right or opposite side facing flanker wideouts given a bit of a cushion. Few yards back with the ability to shift build momentum he excels in that position. Plays zone but pays close enough to close down the pass knock it down looks really good covering short intermediate as well as long. Also shows multiple skill sets that can help on ST. Including blocking kicks or running down return men.

Reads the play pre snap reacts rapidly with his instincts intense acceleration, Can get down hill in a hurry in the run game.  His backpedal into a turn looks almost effortless. Can sniff out screens bubble passes like a shark to blood. Can play back anticipating the pass. Good recognition of under or over thrown balls. Makes the right adjustments on the fly with swift moving feet flexibility  perfect hand timing can deflect or intercept passes. Doesn’t panic with the ball in the air even on one on one situations. Played a lot of zone but also can play man if needed. Not afraid to get up in a wide outs grill slow them down or knock them off course. Even watched him cover across the middle of the field on slants looks real smooth running laterally or side to side. Technical i n his tackling understands low man wins gets low chopping RB’s & WR’s down like a lumberjack.  Type of CB or DB would want on my squad as a DC. High football IQ has the speed needed for outside quickness toughness to play inside. Many times you will get the size with the speed but lack the fortitude needed to support the run game or be a true tackling DB. Can honestly say Pooler possesses the best of both worlds. Ideally want as many outside corners as possible cause slot is becoming more available. S outside talent like Mabin & Pooler are important commodities.

Lane Taylor – FS/DB  

  • School: Lamar
  • Height: 6′    
  • Weight: 195 lbs
  • Pro day- Lamar 3/27/18        
  • Best Games : vs UNI (FCS Playoff ) had 14 tackles 11/24/18  & vs UCA had 8.5 tackles, 2 TFL, 1 sack 2 PBU
  • Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Overlooked underhyped Free Safety from Lamar plays with a chip on his shoulder the size of Texas.

A player that had a jaw-dropping  93 tackles, 67 solos, 6 PBU, 2 ints & 2 FF  in a fantastic Senior campaign. Free Safety is in many ways the last line of defense on the QB strong side. Not only in the passing game but on open field runs.  Taylor made ESPN’s top 10 plays of the week for his FG block as time expired. Taylor didn’t get a piece he gets the whole thing ricocheting the ball 15 to 20 yds.

Have to have alertness ability to recognize read & react before the ball is snapped. Also once the ball is snapped  he can moving around has great range of motion patrolling all over the field as needed. Has a natural ability to transfer weight to his powerful upper body on the tackle. Has a heavy lean understands weight distribution uses it to his advantage.Leverage on the tackle or off the line on designed blitzes.  Combined with his powerful upper body, long arms & vice grip hands makes for a sure tackler. Whether head on or on an angle Taylor’s awareness, footwork range of motion is clean quick & technically sound. Normally keeps the plays in front of him but does have enough closing burst to run some explosive guys down from behind. Eccells at solo tackles in the open field which is key at the FS position.  Played some strong side as well but with fewer free safety prospects why wouldn’t they try him at his position first. IN the past game shows the needed long speed to keep a leg up even on the craftiest of offensive juggernauts. Has 6 PBU’s pn the stat sheet but coaches teammates alike would tell you it should actually be much higher. Can direct his fellow DB’s into position on audibles. Confident leader of the secondary

Damond Talbot

NFL Draft Diamonds was created to assist the underdogs playing the sport. We call them diamonds in the rough. My name is Damond Talbot, I have worked extremely hard to help hundreds of small school players over the past several years, and will continue my mission. We have several contributors on this site, and if they contribute their name and contact will be in the piece above. You can email me at

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