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Browns draft pick Myles Garrett says he plans to Chop Down Big Ben

Myles Garrett and the Cleveland Browns are a match made in heaven.  Garrett was by far the best player in the entire 2017 NFL Draft, and he is not keeping quiet about his first game with the Browns division foe Steelers.  Garrett already has his sights set on a future Hall of Famer in the Browns’ regular-season opener. 

Garrett told ESPN he plans to “chop down” Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger, and the Steelers took note. Big Ben was asked about Garrett’s comments and the future HOFer responded.

Skip Bayless’ response was classic.  Is Myles Garrett all bark?  We will find out on 9/10/2017.

“So you’re saying it was smart for Myles Garrett to say ‘I want Roethlisberger and I want the Steelers’?

“… You can’t say it before you’ve played your first NFL down. It’s just craziness. It’s football suicide, to me. You’re just asking for it. You’re going to bring the wrath of the Steelers down on you. Trust me, all week long, all that Mike Tomlin will say to that offensive line is, ‘That guy called you out, and we are going to make sure that guy does not get to our quarterback.’ I don’t think he can back it up.

“… I’m starting to think this kid is more bark than bite because he barks a great game. He’s a really bright kid … but that is not going to help him one bit against the Pittsburgh Steelers the first time they play.”


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