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Trent Richardson says he will not give up; I’m rooting for him

Trent Richardson has a new home. The Ravens have signed the former Alabama back
Trent Richardson is ready to pave his way to the HOF

Former Alabama running back Trent Richardson has not had a very easy path in the NFL.  A matter of fact it has been pretty rough for the former first round pick.  ESPN E:60 had a profile on him and if you did not watch it you missed out.  Richardson sounds like a guy that really wants it, but he just has not hit the ground running yet.

The show made Richardson look both human and determined, even if the odds are stacked against him.

“A lot of people come back from where I came from,” Richardson said. “For me to keep fighting, people got to understand I’m not giving up.”

Even though he was cut he talked about how his family took advantage of him. It is pretty amazing. You have to root for him.


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