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Raiders QB says the team looks great on Paper, but they don’t want to be Paper Champs

Raiders could be without Derek Carr and three of their secondary starters
Raiders QB Derek Carr is a stud, and he wants to win games in Oakland. Let’s play games not guess their record off paper

The Oakland Raiders had an awesome off-season and they look fantastic on paper. Derek Carr agrees with us and when he was asked about the moves, he was quick to say he does not want to be a champion on paper, but rather a Champion on the Field. 

“On paper it looks great. We don’t want to be paper champs,” Carr told CSN Bay Area at the start of Oakland’s offseason workout program. “We’ve got some good guys, but none of that matters unless we put the work in. Everything can look good in theory and in practice it all falls apart. As a leader of this team, I’m going to concentrate on pushing to get better every day.”

“It’s a great thing that people are talking about us in that light. When I first got there, they certainly weren’t doing that,” Carr said. “It’s a credit to where we’ve come from, but that’s about it.

“What we did last year on the field was better, but we want the same kind of jump again this year. We want to be better than 7-9. Honestly, 7-9 is not going to cut it. It felt good last year, I think we were close to winning 10 games. We have to continue to push ourselves to do better than that.”

If this kid doesn’t fire up Raiders fans, I do not know what will. Derek Carr is the future, and the Raiders will be a playoff team very soon. They are growing their team the correct way. Many thought Reggie McKenzie was clueless, but he the guy is building a superb team. Players want to go to Oakland now.


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