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NFL needs to slam the Patriots for cheating after last year’s horrible decisions

The NFL has been the laughing stock of professional Sports for the past year. This past year was crazy, a star of the NFL is on trial for Murder right now, and two were suspended all year for domestic violence. Other stars were out for violation of team rules like Josh Gordon and the NFL really had a black eye in the media world.

After the NFL’s incident with both Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice the NFL faces another opportunity to make things right.

The suspended both Rice and Peterson for the rest of the year and were highly criticized. They came up with a new domestic violence law within the NFL that will suspend a player for six games after his first charge.

Well now the NFL is faced with a huge scandal. The New England Patriots cheated and at the end of the day it is a huge black eye for the sport. For a company that is based on integrity the NFL has to slam the Patriots.

What is fair? To me, fair would be taking their first round pick over the next two years and a million dollar fine. I would also suspend Bill Belichick for the first four games of next year.

This is his second time being caught cheating. If this was a player they would try to suspend him all year, so four games without their mastermind is not a bad start. I would also put something on the shelf that the next time the Patriots are caught cheating they’re coach will be kicked out of the NFL for good. It should not be tolerated, and Roger Goodell has a lot on his plate, I hope he makes the right decision.


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