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Hall of Fame Coach gives vote of confidence to Tom Coughlin

Marv Levy knows what it is like to be an old coach in the NFL. The former Buffalo Bills hall of fame coach now has some advice for Tom Coughlin and the Giants staff, who have been runored they need to go younger.

“Chronological age is only an approximation of your functional age,” former Bills coach Marv Levy told Bob Glauber of Newsday. “Tom is older than most of the guys coaching now, but he’s still going great. Age, to me, is just a minor factor.”

Coughlin turned 68 in August. Levy walked away from the Bills when he was 72, and realized he regretted it immediately.

“My only advice for Tom is to do what your heart tells you,” Levy said. “If he has the passion and love for the game, there’s no reason to stop coaching. . . .

“Tom is still in good shape, still loves coaching, and it looks like the passion for the game is still there.”

I wish Levy would come backing the Bills sideline, shoot I would take Coughlin too haha.


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