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While everyone else is hitting the Panic Button in Buffalo; I’m PUMPED

Today reports surfaced from Jason LaCanfora saying the Buffalo Bills head coach Doug Marrone had a heated conversation with Doug Whaley and the upper management. This has many media outlets hitting the PANIC button and making them write insane articles about how the Buffalo Bills will bust once again. Well let me say something, as a Die-Hard Buffalo Bills fan, I am pumped.

Do you know why I am Pumped? I am glad my front office finally showed a little emotion. If there was cursing and arguing maybe my prayers worked. For the past decade and a half, I have watched the same old Buffalo Bills suck year in and year out. I watched the same old comments, same emotions and same lies.

My organization has let me down year after year, and to see someone cursing and fighting really excites me. To be honest, this is the first year, I didn’t have high expectations. I didn’t drink the Kool-Aid they shared with me. Usually the Bills do something that draws media attention to get their fans pumped up, then they let you down hard.

Well this year, I was already at ground zero. I didn ‘t give up in the Bills, but I said to myself, why should I care ao much about my team when their own front office doesn’t give a crap. Well you know what, this is exactly what the Buffalo Bills needed.

They needed Ralph Wilson Jr. to pass (I am not being negative by saying that Rest In Peace Big Guy). But the Bills needed a change . The people in the front office had become content with mediocrity. They were content because they all had jobs. Well now that new management will be coming to town all the sudden they are making desperation moves.

The team traded next years first rounder for Sammy Watkins, they traded for Bryce Brown, they traded Stevie Johnson. They even signed Kyle Orton to a ludicrous 2 year deal worth 11 million.

You know what those moves are? Those are what we call in this industry “Ass On The Line” moves. Listen Bills fans, everyones Ass is on the line, and that is why it is great to see. We will find out this week if the management did a great job preparing this team. Because if they fail, they could all watch their jobs vanish.

I am not expecting much from this year, so maybe this time I won’t be let down. Shoot, they might shock me.


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