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Niners wide receiver Anquan Boldin says the “Refs” cost the team a game

boldinAnquan Boldin head butt Tony Jefferson late in the third quarter that took the Niners from first-and-goal on the six to first-and-10 on the 21-yard line. Because of the horrible decision the team had to kick a field goal rather than try to punch it in.  That attempt was blocked and ultimately cost the Niners the game.  Boldin should be upset with himself, but instead he took it out on the referees.

“For me, it’s been obvious the last two weeks: The amount of calls that have gone against us and the amount of calls that we’ve gotten hasn’t been close,” Boldin said, via the Sacramento Bee. “Every week, it’s the same thing — send the tape in, the NFL just reports back, ‘We made a mistake.’ But at the same time, the crap cost us another game. At some point, they need to be held accountable.”


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