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These five players could be shown the door before week 1

Earlier today on NFL Draft Diamonds we put five players we thought could be traded before week one, and now we are going to list five players that could be shown the door before week one.

This could be a strange off-season but I think Frank Gore of the San Francisco 49ers could be shown the door. The Running back that is just 30 odd yards shy of 10k yards could be shown the door. The team has several solid back ups ready to take over. Marcus Lattimore could be given the keys if he has a solid pre-season.

Their are only two active running backs with better stats than Frank Gore and that is Steven Jackson and Adrian Peterson. I could see one of them shown the door as well. No it will not be Adrian Peterson, but I could definitely see Steven Jackson shown the door. The team loves rookie Devonte Freeman and he could be the immediate replacement.

Matt Cassel could get axed. While everyone feels that the competition is between Cassel and Bridgewater, the team could keep Ponder and let the younger guys battle it out. Cassel has more value and if he is just going to be on the bench, why not let him go or trade him?

Justin Blackmon, is up next. While he has been a very good wide out, I would not expect the Jaguars to keep him on the roster if his suspension is for a long period. Their is a new regime in J-Ville and they seem like a group of guys with a zero tolerance plan. I think Blackmon is gone.

Lastly, I think the Seattle Seahawks could release Terrelle Pryor. The team has Russell Wilson and Tarvaris Jackson who has been a very good back up. While Pryor is a good quarterback, I could see the Seahawks, letting him go before the start of the season.

What player do you think could be released before the start of the season? Let us know on twitter @DraftDiamonds.


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