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Is Jake Matthews A Good Fit For The Falcons For Next Season?

Is Jake Matthews A Good Fit For The Falcons For Next Season?

When the Atlanta Falcons drafted Jake Matthews out of TexasA&M, they knew they were getting a player that could improve the team right away. They did not even think twice about having to wait for the offensive tackle to develop, as he was NFL ready from the end of his last college game. That can’t be said about most NFL rookies. Most of the young guys coming into the league need some time to adjust to the big boy game. Matthews will have some learning to do, but the guy has NFL DNA running though his veins so that gives him a leg up.

Matthews is the son of hall of famer Bruce Matthews, who played an amazing 19 years in the NFL. Think he had some good football knowledge to pass along to his boy as he was learning the game? Jake Matthews also happens to have a few other family members scattered across the NFL landscape, not the least of which is Clay Matthews of QB crushing fame in Green Bay. With all the family ties with pro football players, there is not much the young man has not heard about the NFL or can ask about through his kin folk. Advantages like that cannot be bought or even earned in a weight room.

Matthews’s presence on the Atlanta line will be a huge upgrade that Falcons fans have been seeking. To say the o-line has been atrocious is being cruel to the word atrocious. Matthews, even as a rookie, will be a big comfort to Matt Ryan and the Atlanta rushers. The team’s blocking can only get better from the rock bottom spot they have been in for the past couple of years. 

For any Falcons fans who are expecting Matthews to come in and start physically dominating his opponents, may need to take a step back. This player is not going to be pancaking people every few plays. That is not his strength. He is a technique reliant player who uses his footwork and savvy to gain the upper hand. It make not look as good as destroying a defensive lineman physically, but if it works then what of it. Some experts differ on whether the former Aggie will be better suited for left or right tackle. Although he can play both positions, he spent his senior season at A&M at left tackle. Before that he was more used to the right side of the line. The Falcons will have to find the right spot for him to suit their needs, but since they are so needy, either spot upgrades the line and the Birds’ chances in 2014. 

Game by game is how NFL careers and legends are created. Matthews knows he has some big family accomplishments to live up to and it won’t happen overnight. Lucky for him he has the support of family members that have been where he is right now. 

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