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If Richie Incognito is cleared of “Bullying”, does he have a lawsuit?

Just a few hours ago, Richie Incognito went ham on twitter calling out Jonathan Martin, and Ted Wells the former Dolphins guard issued a statement to Michael Silver of NFL Network.

“The facts clearly show the allegations are false and there was no bullying,” Incognito said. “Just banter both ways between two good friends. I intend to do as I always have: focus on doing the best job I can for my team and fans and helping my team win. I will have no other comment until the (Ted) Wells report is issued.”

Richie Incognito has been suspended since November 3rd, and his career has been on a stand off, waiting for investigator Ted Wells to finish up with his report that was supposed to come out the week after the Super Bowl, but has since been postponed.

Incognito was unpaid for the first two games of his suspension, losing close to $500,000. The sides eventually reached an agreement to extend Incognito’s suspension with pay while Wells continued his investigation, but could Incognito sue the NFL and the Dolphins if he is cleared?

You better bet your grass he can! Richie Incognito did not only lose 500k from the Dolphins he also was called a “Bully” and made out to be a “MONSTER”.  Spirit Airlines is another company that Incognito could go after, for their derogatory ad last year. That will be one heck of a slander/defamation of character lawsuit.  I am sure this will back fire in Jonathan Martin’s face.  From day one last year I spoke with numerous Dolphins players that stated Incognito played games with everyone in the locker room, but was loved.  They all said Martin was the strange one, and it looks more and more like he could be the “ODD” one out in this case.


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