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Terrell Thomas came up huge for the New York Giants

Terrell Thomas, who was the NFC defensive player of the week two weeks ago, was waiting in the slant route.

“It was a route they have run a lot and I was waiting on it the whole game,” Thomas said. “They run two-by-two slants and coach put us in a great position and I was happy to make a play for the defense.”

Thomas ran toward the gaping end zone, avoiding a tackle by Pryor inside the 20 before being tackled by Andre Holmes.
The ball came loose, and officials said Thomas was down.

Andre Brown gave the Giants the lead from the 1-yard line following a pass interference call, taking time to kneel in the end zone and stretch his hands to the sky.

The Giant oce again found a way to win and stay in the hubt of the playoffs. Terrell Thomas was the hero this week, who will be the hero next week?


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