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Buffalo Bills finally found Lee Evans replacement in Marquise Goodwin

A few years back, the Buffalo Bills lost Lee Evans who was a number one receiver that possessed crazy speed and hands.  The Buffalo Bills have been trying to find a replacement for him for years, but could not find hiim.

They drafted James Hardy in the 2nd round that didn’t turn out, they drafted Marcus Easley and that didn’t work out.  They even tried to find a guy that matched the exact mold of Evans, in T.J. Graham but he cannot catch.  So would Buffalo give up? No they didn’t, they drafted a kid this year named Marquise Goodwin.

Goodwin was an all american Olympian track star that played for the University of Texas.  He missed quite a bit of games this year do to an injury, but since he has been back, he has been a very hard player to cover.  His speed allows the quarterback to just unleash the ball and let the trackster get under it.

I remember watching J.P. Losman chuck the rock up in the air and hit Lee Evans for 80 plus strikes all the time, that is how we actually stayed in the game back then.  Well the Bills have finally found their Lee Evans replacement, and boy is he good.

This year Goodwin has 8 receptions for 171 yards and two touchdowns.  He is averaging 21. 4 yards a reception, but the mind blowing stat is he has only been targeted 13 times. He has been targeted 19 less times than T.J. Graham and has more touchdowns and 20 less yards.  I am sorry Buffalo, it is time to start your next Lee Evans.


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