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Morris Claiborne blamed the Zone Defense instead of admitting he was bad

Morris Claiborne was horrible this week against the San Diego Chargers and it cost his his starting job. Well in an interview with ESPN Dallas, Claiborne played the blame game. Claiborne made Phillip Rivers look like a hero on Sunday.

“They made plays when they needed it. I feel my confidence level is high but not where it needs to be. We are not in a man coverage anymore. The zone is new to everybody.”

“There is still in transition, when we were in press they only had one ball on me.” Claiborne added

“I feel as the game goes on, your confidence level can grow, it takes just one play to gain that confidence back.”

The Dallas Cowboys gave up a second rounder to move up to get Mo, but this pick will pan out. Cowboys fans need to be patient, but Claiborne needs to be careful what he says.


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