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Jets DT Sheldon Richardson says Tom Brady is the opposite of Superman

The New York Jets defensive line has been amazing this year. Sheldon Richardson could be en route to Defensive Rookie of the Year.  Damon “Big Snacks” Harrison has been a beast as well, but Richardson has been nearly as dominant against the run while adding a pass rushing element. The Jets’ star-studded defensive line is holding opponents to a league-low 3.0 yards per carry. Sheldon Richardson believes they can stop Brady, and says he don’t think he is that great.

He’s Tom Brady; I’m Sheldon Richardson. He’s a name. He’s a figure, a franchise player. I’m trying to get after him, simple as that. No one really treats him like [Superman] around here. I think he’s the complete opposite of that.

Asked to name the opposite of Superman, the confident Jets rookie smiled and said, “I’d rather not say it.”

Well Sheldon, I like your attitude, but not many people fluster Tom  Terrific.  I cannot see how a team that lost to the Steelers will beat the Pats, but who knows, injuries are killing both teams.


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