Turkey Day Predictions: Who will win the Turkey Leg?

Tomorrow there are more important things than Football, such as spending time with relatives, eating a massive dinner, and spending the day off.  Well as a football fine, I would like to give those die hard’s a few of my Turkey Day Predictions.

Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers

Tomorrow Matt Flynn will be the starter facing against the team that once assisted him in gaining a 14.5 million dollar contract.  Flynn killed the Detroit secondary the last time the played, but I honestly cannot see the Packers losing this game.  The Packers will need to rely on Eddie Lacy, and I believe he can handle the load. The Detroit Lions have been falling apart because of turnovers.  Tomorrow the Packers defense will show up again, but I have a feeling that Eddie Lacy and the Packers O-Line will win the Turkey Leg’s.

Final Score: Detroit – 20 – Green Bay – 24

Oakland Raiders vs. Dallas Cowboys 

This will be a lopsided game, one in which Tony Romo and company will shine.  I cannot see the Raiders beating the Cowboys with Matt McGloin at quarterback.  I feel they are making a mistake by sitting Terrelle Pryor.  Tomorrow expect Dez Bryant and Tony Romo to get a big Turkey Leg.  The Cowboys will continue to pull away with the NFC East.

Final Score: Oakland – 10 – Dallas – 35 

Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers 

While I really like the Baltimore Ravens, I feel that Ben Roethlisberger has been on fire since having his name thrown around in trade talks.  I expect Big Ben to get a Turkey Leg along with Le’Veon Bell and Brett Keisel.  I think Big Ben will continue his mission to become a legend.

Final Score: Baltimore – 21 – Pittsburgh 27 

Who are your Turkey Leg Predictions? Let us know on twitter @drocksthaparty

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