Richard Sherman and Patrick Peterson went at it on twitter last night

If you went to bed early boy  did you miss a good twitter argument between to of the best corners in the game.  Patrick Peterson and Richard Sherman went at one another and it was interesting to say the least. 

Peterson started it off

That’s what I always see someone helping. Last I check a lockdown corner is when it’s him and WR.
5/22/14 11:58 PM

Sherman then responded, and kept going

@RealPeterson21 last I checked u have up more Tds this year then I have in my career. U have a long way to go kid. Maybe u should focus
5/23/14 12:35 AM
@RealPeterson21 wideouts regularly have career days on u. They ask u to stop them. Not let them score at will.
5/23/14 12:36 AM

Sherman then retweeted this tweet a follower sent him with a youtube video in it,

@RSherman_25 this pretty much sums up that conversation!! Lolololol @RealPeterson21
5/23/14 12:57 AM

Peterson then came back with this, a picture that had more than 140 characters saying: 

“The same kid that have the same accomplishments as yu 2x all-pro, 3x pro bowler, OLD Boy yu cover space simple as that. No feet, no hips, yu don’t move very well when yu play man yu know the truth. I’m done with all the film don’t lie.”

I am sorry folks, but Patrick Peterson is not even close to the same level as Richard Sherman. Sherman is a stud in my opinion, Peterson is good, but is not as physical as I like. Sherman is in your face. He doesn’t just beat you on the field, he beats you mentally. 

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