Matthew Stafford received a huge pay raise, but the team still needs more weapons

Yesterday the 26 year old Matthew Stafford received a payment of 17 million dollars which was part of the $27.5 million signing bonus Stafford received last season with his $53 million extension. Friday’s portion of the bonus was deferred to this season, and the balance is due today, per the Detroit Free Press.

A deferred payment is nothing new, nor will it change the Lions’ salary cap situation. But the thought of the enormous payday for the 26-year-old is just another reminder that these men who play NFL football don’t live in the same world as the rest of us.

My biggest problem with Stafford getting tons of money is he really has not done too much as a quarterback. Yes he is solid, but I don’t feel he has hit his full potential.  Imagine if the team had another top tier wide receiver to go opposite of Calvin Johnson.  If the Lions go out and draft Mike Evans in the first round, I could see him getting a bigger check down the road.  Stafford is a good quarterback but could be a great quarterback if he had more weapons, do you agree?

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