Marquette King is #1 in the NFL for average yards per kick

Marquette King is a good friend of mine and let me say this, it is not a surprise to see him kicking well, but I am extremely happy for him. King has been working really hard this past summer, and he enjoyed the competition from Chris Kluwe. He took that time to really focus on his punting skills, and it worked.

@RaiderTruths: Marquette King is #1 in the league in average yards per kick with 48.9. #Raiders

King is more than just a punter, the kid is a freak athlete, I mean ask Antonio Brown. King lit up Brown on a punt return and who knows if the NFL will screen him for steriods or not, but boy he is big.

When I first saw Marquette (who stands around 6’2 and is cut up) I thought he was a wide receiver. The kid is a special talent and I know Bobby April is loving King as his punter.

I don’t know if will happen or not, but if Marquette King ever fakes a punt and takes off, you might be surprised, because the kid has wheels.

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