Could Jonathan Martin take over the starting guard spot if Boone keeps holding out

Could Jonathan Martin start once again in the NFL?  Alex Boone is a very solid player when he is present, but according to Bill Williamson of ESPN, Martin could be getting a starting gig again if Boone’s hold out lasts too long.  

Bill Williamson: I think it gets to the point where Boone is out in September. I think Jonathan Martin — who is the sixth offensive lineman — could get a look as guard. Martin hasn’t played guard in the NFL, but the 49ers could use him there. Looney has had success on a limited basis, but expecting him to play at the level of Boone may be a stretch. 

I am not sure it is a very good idea, but at least Martin will be able to try to turn the Dolphin events around and play football.  

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