Jerry Rice says he would have doubled his numbers if he played in today’s NFL

Today Jerry Rice told Jim Rome some pretty amazing things after they finished up talking about Peyton Manning and how much he meant to the city of Indy. Rice said he understands what it feels like because the niners dod the same thing to him.

“That really lit a fire under me,” said Rice of San Francisco. “That got me like ‘Ok, so you don’t think I can do it anymore,’ and that’s the reason why I went to the Raiders.

As for Irsay saying the Colts went one-and-done 7 of 11 times when Manning was there, the 13-time Pro Bowler said that’s not because of one player.

“You can’t point the finger at one individual,” said Rice. “I realize they only won one Super Bowl, but without Peyton Manning, they wouldn’t have won that Super Bowl. You got to give this guy credit, and you have to put the blame on the entire organization and on the team, and not on just one guy.”

Rice then goes on to say what he would have done if he played in today’s football.

“I joke around about this all the time,” said Rice. “Because I said I had over 20,000 yards, I had over 1,500 catches, I had 208 touchdowns, and I felt like I would have doubled everything if I was playing now because of how they’re protecting receivers.”

The crazy thing is I believe him, he was special, real special.

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