Houston should trade Andre Johnson; He has been faithful and deserves a chance to win

The Houston Texans have had many high and low highlights in their existence, but one thing that has always been consistent is Andre Johnson’s play.

Since being drafted 3rd overall by the Texans, Johnson has been an amazing player who has put up Hall of Fame-like numbers.

Johnson is not happy right now with the State of the Texans. He has not publicly said what is bothering him, but did state he was upset. He also stated he was going to sit out, and now is reporting he wants to play for another team.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported Andre Johnson has told the Texans “he wants to play for another team.”

While John McClain of the Houston Chronicle stated the team will not trade him, I feel it is the wrong way to handle the situation. I feel the Texans are wrong, because Johnson has been with the team through their ups and downs. He has been a class act and wants a chance to win a Super Bowl. That will likely not happen in Houston. He wants to go to a contender and I feel that the Texans should let him go.

There have been reports that Johnson could garnish a 2nd to 5th round pick. That would be a great deal, and the team could benefit from the additional pick. I feel the right thing to do is let him go. Trade him, don’t hurt someone that has been faithful up until this point.

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