Grading the Draft: Miami Dolphins edition

turnerSports Ruckus writer Justin Walters has graded the entire AFC East, and while some Dolphin fans might not like his grading, he has some very valid points.  Let’s see what the Dolphins finished with.

I have looked at Miami’s draft from every angle; front ,backwards,  sideways, man I even turned the computer upside down. Only thing I could say is “I Hate It”.  Despite “Incognito Gate” the Dolphins had a solid season.  They came into the offseason with a few holes to fill on the Offensive Line and boy were they focused, when it came time for them to pick at #19 they went right to the middle of their offensive line list and took the 12th best lineman in the draft Huh!!  In the 3rd round they attempted to cover themselves by taking another OT.  The Dolphins picked a couple of players late that could actually turn out to be decent contributors.   The player that really saved this draft for me is Jarvis Landry. He ran a slow 40 at the combine which dropped him on teams draft boards. But, On tape all he did was produce.  I hope I didn’t come off as too much of a Bully Miami. It’s not you, it’s the picks.  Really, How could anyone hate the team that brought us Ace Ventura?? Great movie

JaWaun James OT
Jarvis Landry WR
Billy Turner OT
Walt Aikens CB
Arthur Lynch TE
Jordan Tripp LB
Matt Hazel WR
Terrence Fede DL

James was a reach, he still has work to do to be a starting NFL tackle

Billy Turner was their best pick, the kid is an absolute monster

Landry is a reliable receiver who will make play’s right away

Aikens is a small school CB who should see the field early

Hazel is an intriguing prospect who could develop into a weapon for the O

Draft Grade: Miami Dolphins – C-

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