Grading the Draft: Denver Broncos edition

robySports Ruckus writer Justin Walters has graded the entire AFC West, and while some Broncos fans might not like his grading, he has some very valid points.  Let’s see what the Broncos finished with.

After one of the worst “you know what” beatings in Super Bowl history, (I honestly felt bad for them watching it). The Broncos sold their soul in free agency trying for 1 last run at a Championship. They added some talented older players which could be dangerous.In the draft the goal was depth, especially in the secondary and an outside receiver to replace Eric Decker, who left in free agency.  They hit on both of those 2 needs with their first two picks, who should come in and play right away,  both have the physical talent of high first round picks. The rest of their picks were uninspiring to say the least.

Bradley Roby CB
Cody Lattimer WR
Michael Schofield OT
Lamont Barrow LB
Matthew Paradise OL
Corey Nelson LB

Barrow could turn out to be a contributor at LB

Roby has all of the tools to become an elite CB if he stays disciplined

Lattimer is a big talented receiver who will replace Decker

Schofield is a solid OT who will provide depth

FINAL GRADE – Denver Broncos – B-

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