Former Packers tight end Mark Chmura believes Jermichael Finley’s career is over

Mark Chmura was a great Green Bay Packers tight end, but yesterday he made a comment on Jermichael Finley that shocked the media community.

“I will give you a little snibbet,” Chmura said (without identifying the dictionary in which he found the word “snibbet”).  “I got a chance to talk to Jermichael Finley before the game, and I would bet my bottom dollar his career’s over.  Over.  He needs surgery, and it’s herniated in [the C3 and C4 vertebrae]. . . .  I think it’s gonna be a Nick Collins deal.  He’s definitely not gonna play in Green Bay, I’d put my house on that.” Nick Collins played safety for the Packers, suffered a herniated disc in his neck early in the 2011 season, and never played again, Chmura added that Finley said surgery is happening soon:  “I believe he’s undergoing surgery on Thursday. . . .  He literally could not move his neck.”

If Mark Chmura is right, the Packers will need to go out and sign a tight end or draft one.

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