Are the Cowboys trashing the season to gain better draft picks?

The Dallas Cowboys are a team that is currently on the brink of destruction in my opinion.  Last year the team was one of my Super Bowl predictions, but boy was I wrong.  The team was horrible on defense and then they lost several key pieces to their defense.

The team cannot honestly have good expectations after losing DeMarcus Ware, Anthony Spencer and Jason Hatcher in free agency.  The only thing I can think is the Cowboys are trying to tank the season to gain compensatory picks, and are in year one of rebuilding.

The team does not have a lot money in salary cap and let’s face it, the team has not really did anything to make the team better, besides sign Henry Melton who is coming off of a major injury. The Cowboys need to find a way to get better but it will not happen until the team get rid of Tony Romo and his contract.  It is too much to get the Cowboys over the hump.

We already know that Jason Garrett is on the hot-seat, but could the Cowboys have a plan in place to attempt to lose to draft a quarterback in the top 5 next year?  It honestly looks like the Cowboys are up to no good, and on paper they look more like a rebuilding team then a contender.  Maybe it is time for a new quarterback and coach in Dallas?

Who knows maybe Jameis Winston  and Jimbo Fisher could be the next savior to get the Cowboys to the Super Bowl?

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