Chris Kluwe is a hypocrite; Supports gays but picks on rape victims?

Chris Kluwe is a very smart individual and seems to have some great intentions, but his law suit is making him look like more of a joke than anything.

Kluwe is trying to sue the Vikings for their Special teams coach saying “gay slurs” since he is an activists for pro rights.

The thing that upsets me more is in the report, Kluwe reportedly walked around with a hole in his shorts saying he was a rape victim of Jerry Sandusky’s. If you remember correctly, Sandusky raped a number of children and was sentenced for his alleged crimes.

Well Kluwe admitted to doing it on Twitter, and to me he looks more like a hypocrite than anything.

@ChrisWarcraft: Sure I gave my strength coach a hard time. Once. I made a joke about the Sandusky case, because he was a big Penn State guy.

@ChrisWarcraft: Over half the team did it for over a month, including asking him if he “raped any little boys lately,” repeatedly, in front of coaches.

This is not funny, picking on rape victims is a huge low blow, especially when their children, which is worse than any comment about an adult. Those children didn’t deserve what happened to them. This is disgusting.

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