Andre Johnson is sold on Case Keenum as a starter in Houston

Andre Johnson deserves better and let’s be honest he was not getting treated right in Houston.  Matt Schaub has to be done, the guy turned into trash and currently probably very depressed with the way his season has went. Well today Andre Johnson was excited to say that Case Keenum was a good player.  He said he was not surprised:

“I wasn’t surprised about it,” Johnson said. “You always see flashes from players in practice, preseason and different situations throughout the season. What he did during the preseason and the things you see from him in practice, the guy, he creates plays at times when things aren’t there. Like I said before, there’s just something about him. He did a great job.”

Johnson remembered one particular play in Sunday’s game. After scrambling around in the backfield, Keenum was able to find Johnson for a 42-yard completion in the third quarter, Johnson’s longest catch of the season per the Texans web site.

“I think when you have plays like that, it turns into school yard football,” Johnson said. “That’s pretty much what that play was. I saw him rolling back towards me and I couldn’t really run the way I was running because there was nothing there but the sideline so I just turned up field and he saw me and threw it.”

How many think Matt Schaub could be a trade candidate?  I do…..

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